It’s a little bitty place.

If you’ve ever seen the first Superman movie with the late Christopher Reeve in the lead role, then you’ll certainly remember Lex Luthor’s dim-witted sidekick Otis, played wonderfully by Ned Beatty. In what is easily the funniest scene in the film, if not the entire series, Luthor (the brilliant Gene Hackman) is gleefully showing off his post-explosion map only to be dumbfounded and enraged by the unauthorized inclusion of a sleepy hamlet called “Otisburg.” Otis attempts to calm Luthor’s rage by assuring him that it’s only “a little bitty place.”

Well, after creating numerous blogs over the years, each one more bloated than the next, I finally decided to scrap all of the excessive bells, whistles and widgets, so I could focus on the most important part of any blog: the writing. I’ve been spending so much time with my previous blogs worrying about formats and layouts than I’ve sorely neglected the written (or typewritten) word.

That being the case, don’t expect to find a bunch of fancy plug-ins or embedded media players here. This blog is all about actually using this outlet for the intended purpose of writing, and none of all the other extraneous junk with which I had become obsessed when building previous blogs. All I’m doing here is carving out my own little bitty place…whether the Luthors of the world like it or not.


3 Responses to “It’s a little bitty place.”

  1. mexicanjunior Says:

    Worst blog ever…bring back Afterclap-Chanyank-Strike 4-Coppenhagen Room….

  2. Crystal WUZ here 12/12/07. This is the nicest bathroom stall EVER!!!

  3. I came here and started scratching like a shortstop. =+)

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