Great First Day of NFL Playoffs

That PIT-JAX game tonight was spectacular! And as a Cowboy fan, I took much pleasure (and even more relief) in the Redskins losing to the Seahawks. I did NOT want Dallas to have to face Washington next week! So, bring on either the Giants or Bucs!

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One Response to “Great First Day of NFL Playoffs”

  1. If the Jacksonville Jaguars are going to beat New England, there can’t be any squandered 18-point leads in the fourth quarter, with both sides of the ball going ice cold for nearly the final third of the game. There can’t be costly Garrard interceptions down the stretch, or the suddenly shoddy pass defense that Jacksonville’s secondary displayed during the Steelers’ big comeback. It’s going to take the Jaguars best possible game, and not the 40-minute version we saw Saturday night.

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