Self-Destructive Celebs

So, Heath Ledger dies of a drug overdose mere days after fellow twentysomething actor Brad Renfro dies of a drug overdose, while twentysomething singer Amy Winehouse managed to squeeze in a how-to video on smoking crack in between those two deaths. Huh…

Not to come off too self-righteous or judgemental or anything, but am I really the only one who’s finding it increasingly harder to drum up any sympathy for these self-destructive celebrities? I mean, if you keep playing with fire, you are eventually going to get burned, if not completely incinerated.

To me, the entirety of the phenomenon is much more tragic than any specific incidents. The really sad thing is these deaths almost always end up being in vain, because nobody ever seems to learn from them. What a shame!


One Response to “Self-Destructive Celebs”

  1. It’s not clear if it was a drug overdose yet. I’d save the judgement until after the full results of the autopsy are released.

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