Point Taken Regarding Heath Ledger

I’ve received several notes from various folks regarding the fact that it has not yet been officially determined whether or not Heath Ledger’s death was the result of a drug overdose, which is true. It will not be until the autopsy results are made public that we will learn exactly what caused his death. I based my “Self-Destructive Celebs” post on what was being reported by multiple media outlets, publications and sources at the time, without taking a moment to realize how much speculation might be taking the place of fact.

So, for those of you who have called me to task, I understand where you are coming from and just wanted to formally acknowledge such here on my blog.


One Response to “Point Taken Regarding Heath Ledger”

  1. Dude, Heath Ledger didn’t commit suicide! How dare you attack his character like that! I am taking you to task sir!!!

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