Finding Long Lost Friends

Last May, I found a childhood friend I hadn’t seen or even spoken to in almost 30 years. I wrote about it on my blog at the time, and have met this friend for lunch a couple of times since. It was such a wonderful experience, that I have made several subsequent attempts to track down other long lost friends from years past. Over the past couple of weeks, I located two, but the results have been perplexingly different.

One of these old friends, while pleasant, has been somewhat brief and even oddly distant in his replies to the e-mails we’ve exchanged since reconnecting. Meanwhile, communication with the other friend has picked up right where it left off, as if we had seen each other only days earlier, instead of many years prior. I’ve been trying to figure out why there has been such a drastic difference in how each of the two responded to my reaching out, but can’t really put my finger on it.

I guess it just has a lot to do with the fact that we all deal with situations differently, not to mention all of the possible variables which may be contributing factors to a certain reaction, such as how good/bad things are going on their end, etc. Anyway, I hope to keep finding friends from my past, even if they don’t all share my level of enthusiasm once they are found.


2 Responses to “Finding Long Lost Friends”

  1. At least you are able to reunite with some of your lost friends. I have been looking to reconnect with a close childhood friend, but have not had much luck so far.

  2. That distant friend probably just never liked you…

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