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Bob’s Sideshow – Episode 1

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Barack Obama Speaks Before 18,000 in Dallas

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Here is some video taken at yesterday’s Barack Obama rally here in Dallas at Reunion Arena. An estimated 18,000 were in attendance, with another 1,000-2,000 stuck in line outside unable to get in, because the arena was already at maximum capacity. Meanwhile, across town, Chelsea Clinton spoke to a handful of undecidededs (as in, their major) at the UTD Student Union.

I Was Once Published in a Magazine

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Several years ago, I submitted an entry to CMJ’s New Music Monthly magazine, to be considered for the “Geek Love” column that ran at the end of every issue. Each installment of “Geek Love” was a first-hand account by the writer of his/her first favorite band, one which would typically be very uncool to admit liking. I always found it to be an enjoyable slice of life, and decided I’d like to give it a try, even though they really weren’t officially accepting submissions.

My first attempt was a rather bizarre reminiscence of my Devo devotion. The editor didn’t think it was quite suitable for printing content-wise, but liked my writing style enough to suggest I give it another shot. So, I went even further into the wayback machine and wrote this piece on Grand Funk. My dad had passed away a year or two earlier, and a lot of the emotions I felt at the time were still pretty raw, which becomes evident rather quickly upon reading this piece. I feel kind of bad about that aspect of it, in retrospect, but I can’t go back and change things. Like Todd Rundgren once sang, “Time heals the wounds that no one can see.”

Newspaper Columns I Wrote in College

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I spent the majority of one semester in college as the Sports Editor for my campus newspaper.  I recently unearthed three of the columns I wrote, and have posted them here.

10 years since (My first site/blog)

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It’s now been 10 years since I first started blogging (though it wasn’t referred to as such back then), and I’ve recently become a bit nostalgic for those days. The website was called (no longer in existence) and was focused entirely on the very popular afternoon drive sports talk show called “The HardLine,” which aired (and still does) on SportsRadio 1310 “The Ticket” (KTCK AM) in Dallas.

There have been some notable changes to the show since then, but co-host Mike Rhyner (actually, call him “Rhynes,” because “Rhyner is dead”) still holds forth every afternoon from 4-7. I loved the show then and still do today. In 1997, I began looking into trying to start an unofficial website dedicated to both that show and the station in general, because they did not really even have an official station website back then. With some tremendous help from Joe Lopez and Mike Boles, we soon were able to launch the site.

Both the passage of time and a hard drive crash have resulted in very little evidence of remaining to chronicle those days, but I was recently able to locate most of my weekly blog entries from back then. One thing about these “columns” as I called them then is they are absolutely jam-packed with jargon and terminology that was prevalent at the station in those days. Unless you listened back then and have a mind like a steel trap, a lot of this is going to seem very incoherent and bizarre taken out of context. But it’s still a fun trip down memory lane for those of us who were there.

So, without further ado, I proudly introduce The “Sideshow Sez” Archives.

Super Tuesday Was Super Fascinating

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For the first time in a long, long time, I am absolutely fascinated with the presidential campaign.  As the results poured in to CNN’s Land of 10,000 Plasmas last night, I simply could not turn away.  The Republicans have a fairly interesting three-way battle in progress, but it seems fairly certain that despite the random state upsets by Huckabee and Romney, McCain will eventually emerge as the GOP nominee.  The outcome on the Democratic side is much more difficult to forecast.

Last night, Obama won more states (and not just a couple more) than Hillary, but she won the big ones.  Most surprising to me was the fact that the endorsements of every Kennedy short of the Ouija-ed visage of JFK, Jr. not only failed to give Obama a win in Massachusetts, but didn’t even keep him from being routed.  And perhaps even more shocking was how poorly Obama did with Hispanic and Asian voters, most notably in California, where Hillary also left him in the dust.

I would think Obama and his supporters, while encouraged by his overall showing on Super Tuesday and current neck-and-neck status with Hillary, might be more than just a little worried that the biggest remaining prize – Texas – is largely Hispanic.  It’s difficult to imagine Obama being able to overtake Hillary without winning Texas, and after last night, it’s difficult to imagine him winning Texas…unless they can somehow manage to get the primary date changed to Cinco de Mayo.

Bob’s One-Song Show: Episode #9

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