Super Tuesday Was Super Fascinating


For the first time in a long, long time, I am absolutely fascinated with the presidential campaign.  As the results poured in to CNN’s Land of 10,000 Plasmas last night, I simply could not turn away.  The Republicans have a fairly interesting three-way battle in progress, but it seems fairly certain that despite the random state upsets by Huckabee and Romney, McCain will eventually emerge as the GOP nominee.  The outcome on the Democratic side is much more difficult to forecast.

Last night, Obama won more states (and not just a couple more) than Hillary, but she won the big ones.  Most surprising to me was the fact that the endorsements of every Kennedy short of the Ouija-ed visage of JFK, Jr. not only failed to give Obama a win in Massachusetts, but didn’t even keep him from being routed.  And perhaps even more shocking was how poorly Obama did with Hispanic and Asian voters, most notably in California, where Hillary also left him in the dust.

I would think Obama and his supporters, while encouraged by his overall showing on Super Tuesday and current neck-and-neck status with Hillary, might be more than just a little worried that the biggest remaining prize – Texas – is largely Hispanic.  It’s difficult to imagine Obama being able to overtake Hillary without winning Texas, and after last night, it’s difficult to imagine him winning Texas…unless they can somehow manage to get the primary date changed to Cinco de Mayo.


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