I Was Once Published in a Magazine

Several years ago, I submitted an entry to CMJ’s New Music Monthly magazine, to be considered for the “Geek Love” column that ran at the end of every issue. Each installment of “Geek Love” was a first-hand account by the writer of his/her first favorite band, one which would typically be very uncool to admit liking. I always found it to be an enjoyable slice of life, and decided I’d like to give it a try, even though they really weren’t officially accepting submissions.

My first attempt was a rather bizarre reminiscence of my Devo devotion. The editor didn’t think it was quite suitable for printing content-wise, but liked my writing style enough to suggest I give it another shot. So, I went even further into the wayback machine and wrote this piece on Grand Funk. My dad had passed away a year or two earlier, and a lot of the emotions I felt at the time were still pretty raw, which becomes evident rather quickly upon reading this piece. I feel kind of bad about that aspect of it, in retrospect, but I can’t go back and change things. Like Todd Rundgren once sang, “Time heals the wounds that no one can see.”


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