Bob’s Sideshow – Episode 1


6 Responses to “Bob’s Sideshow – Episode 1”

  1. Worst webcam blog ever…although the Air Supply and Nina Blackwell/Adam Curry lines were funny…

  2. So much I could say, but..I won’t. Read transformedia…..

    PS America is in big trouble,eh?

  3. I’m sitting back here in London and there is all this press about Barack Obama and Mrs Clinton but I feel John McCain is the best choice. I think you guys need to be looking at the two biggest problems you guys are facing – security (which McCain has a lot of experience) and the economy.

  4. The movie was funny, the host needs a little bit more pep in his step. 🙂

  5. Mr. Kennedy Says:

    The Kennedy Clan arrivith in TX Memorial Day weekend. Good start Bob-now break out the bachelor day stuff!!!

  6. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet 1st episode!

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