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All right, Hamilton!

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Josh Hamilton DOMINATED the Home Run Derby like nobody ever has, yet he only managed to finish in second place, because he hit so many home runs in the first round (28!) that he had nothing left in the tank for the finals. But even though Justin Morneau technically won, it is Hamilton’s awesome performance everyone will remember for years to come. Here’s what Baseball Tonight had to say about it:

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Skip Bayless & Nelly Unite to Throw Romo Under Bus

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On ESPN’s First Take this morning, noted Cowboy hater Skip Bayless and his 1st and 10 sparring partner for the day, rapper Nelly, found common ground in their dislike of Tony Romo. Their point of contention is that Romo’s “80% of what is said about me are lies” comment is total BS. I say F both Skip and Nelly, but here’s the clip if you want to hear their crap for yourself…

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