Skip Bayless & Nelly Unite to Throw Romo Under Bus

On ESPN’s First Take this morning, noted Cowboy hater Skip Bayless and his 1st and 10 sparring partner for the day, rapper Nelly, found common ground in their dislike of Tony Romo. Their point of contention is that Romo’s “80% of what is said about me are lies” comment is total BS. I say F both Skip and Nelly, but here’s the clip if you want to hear their crap for yourself…

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One Response to “Skip Bayless & Nelly Unite to Throw Romo Under Bus”

  1. Rapper Nelly? Seriously what the hell are they doing. I mean come on. I am appalled that anyone would want to hear what a 2nd rate rapper, whose last Hit was more of a commercial for tennis shoes, thinks about Tony Romo. The fact that Disney even thinks people would care about that pisses me off. Everyday I find myself getting farther and farther away from watching ESPN news. Next They are going to have Jah Rule giving expert critical analysis of presidential election on ABC, Disney has really screwed the proverbial pooch on this one. Screw Nelly, Jah Rule, and Martha Stewart. I want to endorse my write in ballot for president also on this blog.

    My 2008 nomination for president

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