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Thanks For a Great Leap Day, Dick Pepperfield!

Posted in Entertainment, Family, Movies, Personal with tags , , , , on March 1, 2008 by Bob

Up until Friday, this was quite possibly one of, if not THE, worst week of my life.  I was getting slammed at work, both figuratively and literally, and was staring down the barrel of a sudden return to the unemployment line, where I spent a miserable five months during the last half of 2007.  But thanks to nothing short of divine intervention, this disaster of a week did a complete 180 on Friday.

While work had been an absolute disaster from Monday through Thursday, I managed to bail enough water out of my sinking ship to completely resurface.  My boss was even so pleased with my effort and the progress I made that she rewarded me with an early trip home…minus the long-anticpated pink slip.

So, to capitalize on that hard-earned reward, I treated myself to a movie.  Me and a couple of buddies (Big Dave and Mexican Junior, for those in the know) went to go see the new Will Ferrell ABA comedy, Semi-Pro.  We had been anticipating this for a while, as we love both the ABA and wacky “Frat Pack” comedies.  The movie was even funnier than I expected, but not because of Ferrell, who’s really falling into a bit of a one-note rut.  The guy who really stole this movie was Andrew Daly, who portrayed the hilariously understated straight-arrow Dick Pepperfield, the play-by-play man for Ferrell’s team, the Flint Tropics.


I went to his IMDB page to see if I had seen him before, but just didn’t realize it, and the only role of his I remembered was a one-episode stint on NBC’s The Office as a Ben Franklin impersonator.  Apparently, he spent a couple of seasons on Fox’s Mad TV several years ago, but you honestly can’t blame me for not knowing that.

Me and Big Dave both agreed after the movie that Dick Pepperfield (that’s one of those names you always have to say in its entirety) was definitely the best thing about Semi-Pro, due to both his brilliant delivery of comedic gems and his potential for starring as the lead in The Gordon Solie Story.  If that flick ain’t in the works, it needs to be!


Point Taken Regarding Heath Ledger

Posted in Entertainment, Movies with tags on January 24, 2008 by Bob

I’ve received several notes from various folks regarding the fact that it has not yet been officially determined whether or not Heath Ledger’s death was the result of a drug overdose, which is true. It will not be until the autopsy results are made public that we will learn exactly what caused his death. I based my “Self-Destructive Celebs” post on what was being reported by multiple media outlets, publications and sources at the time, without taking a moment to realize how much speculation might be taking the place of fact.

So, for those of you who have called me to task, I understand where you are coming from and just wanted to formally acknowledge such here on my blog.

Self-Destructive Celebs

Posted in Entertainment, Movies, Music with tags , , on January 22, 2008 by Bob

So, Heath Ledger dies of a drug overdose mere days after fellow twentysomething actor Brad Renfro dies of a drug overdose, while twentysomething singer Amy Winehouse managed to squeeze in a how-to video on smoking crack in between those two deaths. Huh…

Not to come off too self-righteous or judgemental or anything, but am I really the only one who’s finding it increasingly harder to drum up any sympathy for these self-destructive celebrities? I mean, if you keep playing with fire, you are eventually going to get burned, if not completely incinerated.

To me, the entirety of the phenomenon is much more tragic than any specific incidents. The really sad thing is these deaths almost always end up being in vain, because nobody ever seems to learn from them. What a shame!

There’s Plenty of Crimson in Cloverfield

Posted in Entertainment, Movies with tags on January 19, 2008 by Bob

So, last night me and four of my buddies went down to the local googolplex to see just how far out of whack the bang-to-hype ratio for Cloverfield really is. According to the impromptu exit poll I conducted within my own personal focus group upon exiting the theater, I ended up being the only one among us who deemed it worthy of all the pre-release buzz. Never before have I so closely identified with that dentist who refused to recommend Trident gum to his patients.

I think what really bugs me the most about their quadruple thumbs-down is it was based almost completely upon their trumped-up claims of motion sickness resulting from the frenetic hand-held filming. They all cried “Blair Witch” ripoff, which I immediately shot down by virtue of the fact that unlike TBWP, Cloverfield actually DOES have a payoff at the end – and frequently throughout.

And though it will undoubtedly sound perverse, getting to watch vapid overpriviledged twentysomethings flee for their self-important lives added an extra element of thrill to the proceedings for me. This is one of the few times I’ve ever openly rooted for the monster/alien/creature, and I must admit doing so made for a much more liberating filmgoing experience than I’ve enjoyed in quite some time.

The only way this movie could have been better is if it had been an actual documentary starring the Hiltons, Kardashians and Olsens.

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