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Time for Celebrations!

Posted in Entertainment, Family, Humor, Otisburg, Personal on June 6, 2008 by Bob

It certainly is time for celebrations, as I have been offered and accepted a new job.  There are many, many reasons this calls for celebrations, but these are the main ones:

  1. I will be shaving 68 MILES off of my daily round-trip commute.  Not only will I finally be able to put months and months of extreme fatigue behind me, but I won’t have to cough up $20 in gas a day just to get to and from work.
  2. My new job is a promotion both in terms of salary and title.  I’m not fixated on either, but both are very nice perks, to be sure.
  3. I will be returning to a career in my original field of study after a prolonged absence…nine years, to be exact.  If I ever hoped to go back, it was pretty much now or never.
  4. I will no longer be required to wear a tie every day.  I don’t mind wearing a tie every now and then, but now that it’s getting to be summer and triple-digits are fast approaching, I’m much less likely to sweat myself into spontaneous combustion while in business casual attire.
  5. My new job is located close enough to my mother’s place of employment that we can now carpool to and from work.  This really is a good thing.  Really.  I’m not just trying to convince myself.
  6. Health and dental insurance take effect as of my first day of employment.  I had to wait 90 days for it to kick in at the last job.  Suffice it to say that my household has its fair share of prescriptions to fill on a recurring basis.
  7. Last, but most certainly not least, the time I save by not spending up to four hours a day in rush hour traffic should free me up to start posting somewhat regularly to this blog again.

And isn’t that really the greatest gift of all?


I’m Hoping My Return is Imminent

Posted in Family, Otisburg, Personal on May 30, 2008 by Bob

It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted, but I just might be able to resume semi-regular posting in the very near future.  Wheels are in motion.  Being cryptic is fun.

WordCamp Dallas 2008

Posted in Family, Otisburg, Personal, Technology with tags on March 22, 2008 by Bob

I’m not yet advanced enough to take this blog self-hosted using the customizable platform downloaded from, but I’m definitely a huge WordPress fan and do my best to closely monitor all related news and updates, which includes subscribing to Matt Mullenweg’s blog.  In fact, it was from a Photo Matt RSS update that I learned about WordCamp Dallas 2008.  I was intrigued, because I live in a suburb 30 miles north of Dallas, so imagine my surprise when I went to look up the details and discovered it’s actually being held IN MY VERY SUBURB!

It’s always dicey trying to find the right opportunity to peel away from the wife and kids for any sort of solo venture on the weekend, but should circumstances allow, I would love to try and swing by WordCamp Dallas 2008 to check things out.  Hope to see you there, but if I can’t make it, welcome to my humble little burg!

Bob’s Sideshow – Episode 1

Posted in Bob's Sideshow, Entertainment, Humor, Otisburg, Video with tags , on February 22, 2008 by Bob

I’ll Soon Be Taking a B.A.T.T.H.

Posted in Audio, Entertainment, Otisburg on January 16, 2008 by Bob

In an ongoing effort to expand my ever-burgeoning and largely-ignored one-man media empire, I am planning to add a solo talk show to my roster of Bob-hosted audio programming, which currently consists solely of “Bob’s One-Song Show” (a.k.a. “B.O.S.S.”).

While the focus of B.O.S.S. is on music, this new solo talk show will feature any number of topics, just depending on what’s on my mind at the time I press the “record” button.

In keeping with the forced acronym theme, I have decided to dub this yet-to-be-produced show “B.A.T.T.H.,” which stands for “Bob Alone, Talking To Himself.” I was hoping to record and release the first episode of “B.A.T.T.H.” today, but have been too busy and it doesn’t look as if I’ll get a chance to do so.

Hopefully, I’ll get the first “B.A.T.T.H.” episode posted by tomorrow night at the absolute latest. I know you’re all on the edge of your ergonomically-correct computer chairs in anticipation…

It’s a little bitty place.

Posted in Otisburg with tags , , , , , on December 12, 2007 by Bob

If you’ve ever seen the first Superman movie with the late Christopher Reeve in the lead role, then you’ll certainly remember Lex Luthor’s dim-witted sidekick Otis, played wonderfully by Ned Beatty. In what is easily the funniest scene in the film, if not the entire series, Luthor (the brilliant Gene Hackman) is gleefully showing off his post-explosion map only to be dumbfounded and enraged by the unauthorized inclusion of a sleepy hamlet called “Otisburg.” Otis attempts to calm Luthor’s rage by assuring him that it’s only “a little bitty place.”

Well, after creating numerous blogs over the years, each one more bloated than the next, I finally decided to scrap all of the excessive bells, whistles and widgets, so I could focus on the most important part of any blog: the writing. I’ve been spending so much time with my previous blogs worrying about formats and layouts than I’ve sorely neglected the written (or typewritten) word.

That being the case, don’t expect to find a bunch of fancy plug-ins or embedded media players here. This blog is all about actually using this outlet for the intended purpose of writing, and none of all the other extraneous junk with which I had become obsessed when building previous blogs. All I’m doing here is carving out my own little bitty place…whether the Luthors of the world like it or not.