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All right, Hamilton!

Posted in Sports with tags , , , , , , , on July 15, 2008 by Bob

Josh Hamilton DOMINATED the Home Run Derby like nobody ever has, yet he only managed to finish in second place, because he hit so many home runs in the first round (28!) that he had nothing left in the tank for the finals. But even though Justin Morneau technically won, it is Hamilton’s awesome performance everyone will remember for years to come. Here’s what Baseball Tonight had to say about it:

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Skip Bayless & Nelly Unite to Throw Romo Under Bus

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On ESPN’s First Take this morning, noted Cowboy hater Skip Bayless and his 1st and 10 sparring partner for the day, rapper Nelly, found common ground in their dislike of Tony Romo. Their point of contention is that Romo’s “80% of what is said about me are lies” comment is total BS. I say F both Skip and Nelly, but here’s the clip if you want to hear their crap for yourself…

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New “Side” Blog

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Otisburg remains my primary blog, but for those of you who are fans of SportsRadio 1310 The Ticket in Dallas, check out the blog I’ve started called “Sideshow Blog.”  It’s just me providing running commentary on shows like The HardLine and Dunham & Miller, as well as mixing in some occasional schtick (fake ads, etc.)

Spurs Scoreboard Suns

Posted in Sports with tags , , , , on April 20, 2008 by Bob


Growing up as a Houston Astros fan, I had to compensate for my team’s lack of championships by pointing to the fact that they lost the two most exciting National League Championship Series ever played (1980 to the Philadelphia Phillies and 1986 to the New York Mets). So, in a sense, I feel kind of bad for fans of the Phoenix Suns, who now can only compensate for their team’s lack of championships by pointing to the fact that they have now lost the two most exciting playoff games in NBA history.

Yesterday’s double-overtime loss to the defending champion San Antonio Spurs (who now are only 15 victories from claiming their fifth title) had to be eerily reminiscent of Phoenix’s triple-overtime loss to the eventual champion Boston Celtics in the 1976 NBA Finals.

Tim Duncan was absolutely phenomenal, capping his 40-point 15-rebound performance with his first three-pointer of the year to save the day for the Spurs and send the game to a second OT before Manu Ginobili won it with one of his patented whirling dervish drives.

Of course as a lifelong Spurs fan who doesn’t really care about baseball anymore, thanks to living in Texas Rangers country, the Astros don’t mean anything to me anymore and I shan’t be shedding any tears for Suns fans.  EPIC FAIL LOL.


Newspaper Columns I Wrote in College

Posted in Entertainment, Family, Humor, Personal, Sports on February 14, 2008 by Bob

I spent the majority of one semester in college as the Sports Editor for my campus newspaper.  I recently unearthed three of the columns I wrote, and have posted them here.

10 years since (My first site/blog)

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It’s now been 10 years since I first started blogging (though it wasn’t referred to as such back then), and I’ve recently become a bit nostalgic for those days. The website was called (no longer in existence) and was focused entirely on the very popular afternoon drive sports talk show called “The HardLine,” which aired (and still does) on SportsRadio 1310 “The Ticket” (KTCK AM) in Dallas.

There have been some notable changes to the show since then, but co-host Mike Rhyner (actually, call him “Rhynes,” because “Rhyner is dead”) still holds forth every afternoon from 4-7. I loved the show then and still do today. In 1997, I began looking into trying to start an unofficial website dedicated to both that show and the station in general, because they did not really even have an official station website back then. With some tremendous help from Joe Lopez and Mike Boles, we soon were able to launch the site.

Both the passage of time and a hard drive crash have resulted in very little evidence of remaining to chronicle those days, but I was recently able to locate most of my weekly blog entries from back then. One thing about these “columns” as I called them then is they are absolutely jam-packed with jargon and terminology that was prevalent at the station in those days. Unless you listened back then and have a mind like a steel trap, a lot of this is going to seem very incoherent and bizarre taken out of context. But it’s still a fun trip down memory lane for those of us who were there.

So, without further ado, I proudly introduce The “Sideshow Sez” Archives.

My Cowboys Rant

Posted in Audio, Entertainment, Sports with tags on January 13, 2008 by Bob

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