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WordCamp Dallas 2008

Posted in Family, Otisburg, Personal, Technology with tags on March 22, 2008 by Bob

I’m not yet advanced enough to take this blog self-hosted using the customizable platform downloaded from, but I’m definitely a huge WordPress fan and do my best to closely monitor all related news and updates, which includes subscribing to Matt Mullenweg’s blog.  In fact, it was from a Photo Matt RSS update that I learned about WordCamp Dallas 2008.  I was intrigued, because I live in a suburb 30 miles north of Dallas, so imagine my surprise when I went to look up the details and discovered it’s actually being held IN MY VERY SUBURB!

It’s always dicey trying to find the right opportunity to peel away from the wife and kids for any sort of solo venture on the weekend, but should circumstances allow, I would love to try and swing by WordCamp Dallas 2008 to check things out.  Hope to see you there, but if I can’t make it, welcome to my humble little burg!


“Cell Phone Karaoke” is fun.

Posted in Audio, Entertainment, Humor, Music, Technology with tags , , , on December 18, 2007 by Bob

There are a ton of social networking/blogging/status update sites out there these days, and though it’s next to impossible to keep up with them all, I do try to check out as many as I can to take advantage whenever new features are introduced. Utterz has been around for a while, but I only learned about it a couple of months ago. One of the best things about Utterz is it allows you to post online, via text, or even by calling their central number using your cell phone. Doing so allows you to record whatever kind of message you want, which is then immediately posted to Utterz and any other sites you configure, such as your blog.

Only today did I finally grasp the full potential of this particular technology, when I decided it would be a wacky idea to solicit karaoke song requests from my favorite message board, Obner. As long as it was a song I knew, I agreed to Google the lyrics and sing each song into my cell phone for posting at Utterz. I can’t sing worth a damn, so this was definitely not an aesthetically pleasing venture, but it was pretty fun all the same. Here are just a few of the songs I “sang” into my BlackBerry today:

Sometimes When We Touch
Lovin’ You
Crimson and Clover
Ice Cream Man