I’m Hoping My Return is Imminent

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It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted, but I just might be able to resume semi-regular posting in the very near future.  Wheels are in motion.  Being cryptic is fun.


Spurs Scoreboard Suns

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Growing up as a Houston Astros fan, I had to compensate for my team’s lack of championships by pointing to the fact that they lost the two most exciting National League Championship Series ever played (1980 to the Philadelphia Phillies and 1986 to the New York Mets). So, in a sense, I feel kind of bad for fans of the Phoenix Suns, who now can only compensate for their team’s lack of championships by pointing to the fact that they have now lost the two most exciting playoff games in NBA history.

Yesterday’s double-overtime loss to the defending champion San Antonio Spurs (who now are only 15 victories from claiming their fifth title) had to be eerily reminiscent of Phoenix’s triple-overtime loss to the eventual champion Boston Celtics in the 1976 NBA Finals.

Tim Duncan was absolutely phenomenal, capping his 40-point 15-rebound performance with his first three-pointer of the year to save the day for the Spurs and send the game to a second OT before Manu Ginobili won it with one of his patented whirling dervish drives.

Of course as a lifelong Spurs fan who doesn’t really care about baseball anymore, thanks to living in Texas Rangers country, the Astros don’t mean anything to me anymore and I shan’t be shedding any tears for Suns fans.  EPIC FAIL LOL.


WordCamp Dallas 2008

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I’m not yet advanced enough to take this blog self-hosted using the customizable platform downloaded from WordPress.org, but I’m definitely a huge WordPress fan and do my best to closely monitor all related news and updates, which includes subscribing to Matt Mullenweg’s blog.  In fact, it was from a Photo Matt RSS update that I learned about WordCamp Dallas 2008.  I was intrigued, because I live in a suburb 30 miles north of Dallas, so imagine my surprise when I went to look up the details and discovered it’s actually being held IN MY VERY SUBURB!

It’s always dicey trying to find the right opportunity to peel away from the wife and kids for any sort of solo venture on the weekend, but should circumstances allow, I would love to try and swing by WordCamp Dallas 2008 to check things out.  Hope to see you there, but if I can’t make it, welcome to my humble little burg!

The Genius of Sawyer

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One of the greatest things about TV’s Lost is all of the hilarious nicknames Sawyer peppers all of his fellow castaways with whenever the mood hits him (which is almost always). Thanks to YouTube, we can now bask in Sawyer’s genius, as three seasons worth of “Freckles,” “Hoss,” and all the rest are condensed into this single clip. I still think the best one is, “Union trouble down at the sand factory, Norma Rae?” Classic!

Thanks For a Great Leap Day, Dick Pepperfield!

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Up until Friday, this was quite possibly one of, if not THE, worst week of my life.  I was getting slammed at work, both figuratively and literally, and was staring down the barrel of a sudden return to the unemployment line, where I spent a miserable five months during the last half of 2007.  But thanks to nothing short of divine intervention, this disaster of a week did a complete 180 on Friday.

While work had been an absolute disaster from Monday through Thursday, I managed to bail enough water out of my sinking ship to completely resurface.  My boss was even so pleased with my effort and the progress I made that she rewarded me with an early trip home…minus the long-anticpated pink slip.

So, to capitalize on that hard-earned reward, I treated myself to a movie.  Me and a couple of buddies (Big Dave and Mexican Junior, for those in the know) went to go see the new Will Ferrell ABA comedy, Semi-Pro.  We had been anticipating this for a while, as we love both the ABA and wacky “Frat Pack” comedies.  The movie was even funnier than I expected, but not because of Ferrell, who’s really falling into a bit of a one-note rut.  The guy who really stole this movie was Andrew Daly, who portrayed the hilariously understated straight-arrow Dick Pepperfield, the play-by-play man for Ferrell’s team, the Flint Tropics.


I went to his IMDB page to see if I had seen him before, but just didn’t realize it, and the only role of his I remembered was a one-episode stint on NBC’s The Office as a Ben Franklin impersonator.  Apparently, he spent a couple of seasons on Fox’s Mad TV several years ago, but you honestly can’t blame me for not knowing that.

Me and Big Dave both agreed after the movie that Dick Pepperfield (that’s one of those names you always have to say in its entirety) was definitely the best thing about Semi-Pro, due to both his brilliant delivery of comedic gems and his potential for starring as the lead in The Gordon Solie Story.  If that flick ain’t in the works, it needs to be!

Bob’s Sideshow – Episode 1

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Barack Obama Speaks Before 18,000 in Dallas

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Here is some video taken at yesterday’s Barack Obama rally here in Dallas at Reunion Arena. An estimated 18,000 were in attendance, with another 1,000-2,000 stuck in line outside unable to get in, because the arena was already at maximum capacity. Meanwhile, across town, Chelsea Clinton spoke to a handful of undecidededs (as in, their major) at the UTD Student Union.